Kristina Furey

Entry V of The List


Jenny is laughing.

BRANDON:  So let me see that face again.  How did it go exactly?

JENNY:  What?  (Still laughing) We’ve already established that they don’t care what the truth is, so why not have some fun with it?

BRANDON:  Oh, I don’t care about that.  I just wanted to see that face again.


The chorus to HEATHER NOVA’S, “IF I SAW YOU IN A MOVIE,” is playing in the background.

Brandon’s car pulls up next to Rebecca’s car.  The doors open and Brandon and Jenny get out.

JENNY:  (Walks around the car to Brandon.)  Well, thank you.  (She looks up into his eyes.)  You’ve been my hero, thank you so much!

He opens his arms.

Jenny walks into Brandon’s arms and hugs him.

There’s a long pause.

Jenny pulls away, walks to the car unlocks the door and looks back at Brandon.

Jenny:  It’s good to know that nice guys still exist and not just in the movies.

Jenny gets in the car and starts it.

Brandon gets back in his car.

Jenny waves as she drives by.  She gets to the end of the dirt road and stops.  She rolls her window down.

Brandon drives up.  He stops and rolls down his window.

JENNY:  I’m lost.  You know, it just occurred to me that I followed everyone from the church and the directions I have were only to the church and…

BRANDON:  (in stitches)  Let me see your directions.  (He reaches over and she drops the directions in his car.)  Follow me.




Jenny waves goodbye to Brandon, shuts the door and then peeks through the window, to watch him drive away.  She sighs and walks into the kitchen.


She looks for a glass and fills it with water.  She notices a light blinking on the answering machine.  She pushes the button.

ANSWERING MACHINE:  You have four messages.

MS. NORTON:  Jenny, Hi, it’s me, Ms. Norton.  We were wondering, where you are and if you’re planning to show up?


ELSA VANDERHOOF:  Hello, Jenny darling, are you there?  Well she’s not picking up.  Jenny, It’s me, Elsa Vanderhoof.  I almost ran over you with my car yesterday.  I wanted to call you personally, on behalf of the “Save The Turtles Foundation,” to invite you to our luncheon.  She’s still not picking up.


BRIDGET THOMPSON:  (Elsa’s personal assistant)  This call is for Jenny Mattise, Jenny, please call the “Save The Turtles Foundation” at 555-7125.  Thank you.

There is a pen and notepad by the phone and Jenny takes the number down.


MS. NORTON:  Jenny, it’s me, Ms. Norton.  I’m heading home this morning.  Sophie will be contacting a real estate agent to put the house on the market.  Honey, you stay there as long as you need.  You can stay until it’s sold if you’d like.  Thank you so much for being there for me yesterday and all the sweet things you said about Rebecca.  You’ve always been like a member of our family.  I love you Jenny.  Take care and give me a call sometime.

ANSWERING MACHING:  Your messages have been deleted. 

JENNY:  (Picks up the phone and dials.)  Hi, this is Jenny Mattise.  I’m returning your call?  Thank you.  Sure.  (pause)  Yes.  (pause)  Uh, huh, and where is that?  (She writes down information.) Well thank you.  I’m honored.  Oh, hey, what do people wear to things like this?  (pause)  Where?  (pause)  And whom do I ask for?  (pause)  Okay… No, thank you!  Bye.  (She hangs up the phone.)  Oh my gosh!




As Jenny enters the SALESCLERK eyes her over.

SALESCLERK:  (Snotty)  May I help you?

JENNY:  Yes, is Tara here?

SALESCLERK:  (Softening a little)  She’s currently with a client.  You can wait, or perhaps, I could help you?

JENNY:  Oh, no, that’s okay, I’ll just wait.  (Her eyes dart around) Maybe I’ll just browse, while I wait.  (She notices all the clothes have triple digit price tags and up.)  You know, maybe I’ll, maybe I’ll just come back later.



Rebecca’s car pulls up.


Jenny is browsing outfits.

Two women are obviously staring at her and one points her finger at Jenny and whispers in the other woman’s ear. 

Jenny notices but looks away and continues browsing.

The women are following Jenny, from about one aisle away.

Occasionally, Jenny looks up and the women smile at her.

As Jenny’s going through the underwear rack the women come around the corner and almost collide with her.  Jenny tries to hide the underwear she’s holding.

OLDER WOMAN SHOPPER:  Is this you?  (She holds up the “Tattler” magazine.  In her other hand she has a pen.)

JENNY:  Well, um.

YOUNGER WOMAN SHOPPER:  See Mother, I told you it’s not her.

OLDER WOMAN SHOPPER:  She looks a lot like her.

YOUNGER WOMAN SHOPPER:  Come on Mom.  Leave the woman alone.

Jenny breathes a sigh.



Jenny enters from the back door with bags of clothes.  The phone is ringing.  She drops the bags and keys and runs for the phone.

JENNY:  Hello?  (pause)  Who is this?  Oh!  (She squeaks and quickly brings her hand up to her throat.)  Scuse me, I guess I got a little too emotional or something, there…  What can I say; it’s my first time being called by a handsome celebrity.  (pause)  Yeah, yeah, okay, play it modest.  You know, I’m glad you called.  I need some advice.  How does one conduct themselve’s at a “Save The Turtles” luncheon?  (pause)  No, I’m not kidding, Elsa Vanderhoof, herself, called to invite me.  (pause)  Oh, would you do that? Brandon, nice guy, hero to the rescue!  (pause)  Yeah, I kinda like the sound of it too.  (pause)  Oh, (She looks around.)  no, I’ve been keeping good track of them.  I’ve got them right  (pause) here?  Somewhere?  (Jenny looks the room over.  The camera zooms in on the key set sitting on the floor next to the bags.)  No, I was just kidding.  I haven’t lost them again.  (pause)  Oh, tonight?  No, I have no plans.  Well okay, sure!  See you then.  (She hangs up the phone.)  AAAAAH, Oh my gosh!  (She looks at the clock on the kitchen wall.)  Oh my gosh!  (She runs out of the kitchen down the hall towards the foyer.  She runs back into the kitchen and grabs the bags.)  Oh my gosh!  What am I gonna wear?




Jenny is walking down the stairs.  She checks herself out in the mirror.  She has the list in her hand.

She walks into the living room.



She sits on the couch and studies the list.

JENNY:  Hmmm.  (She gets up and walks into the kitchen)


JENNY:  (She puts a line in front of number one.  She puts her index finger at number two and moves it to number three.)  Okay.  (She moves her finger to number four.)  Yes.  (She checks it off and writes, “Try to do more legit magazine.”  She moves her finger to number five.)  And I can check this one off, later tonight.  I can do this.  I’ll finish the list  (pause)  For Rebecca.  (She searches the kitchen cabinets around the phone and answering machine.)  Okay, where is it?  (She continues to look.)  Bingo!  (She pulls the yellow pages out of the cabinet.  She opens it to the B section and then searches for boating lessons.)  Okay.

The doorbell rings.

JENNY:  (She jumps and looks at the clock.)  Just a minute!  (She jots down a boating school name and number.)  Coming!   (She runs to the front door and opens it.)  Hi, come in, come in.  I need to, ah,   (She turns and walks towards the kitchen stops and looks back over her shoulder.)  Grab my keys.

BRANDON:  Yes.  That would be wise.

JENNY:  (Grabs her keys and yells)  So, where are we going?

BRANDON:  Well there this Italian place I really like.

Jenny jumps, she is startled to see Brandon is right behind her.  She turns towards him and then slides the list, which is sitting out on the counter, under the phone book.  She continues to stand in front of the phone book, with her hands behind her back.

BRANDON:  What’s that?

JENNY:  What’s what?

BRANDON:  (Smiling smugly, as he walks to the side of Jenny and peeks over her shoulder.)  That?  (He picks up the piece of paper with the boating school information.)  You going sailing?

JENNY:  Oh, that!

BRANDON:  Are you planning on sailing away?  And just when I was getting to know you.

JENNY:  I was just thinking it would be a neat thing to learn.  You know anyone that sails?

BRANDON:  Well, I’ve sailed before.

JENNY:   Really?

BRANDON:  No, really I’m just trying to impress you.  (pause)  Yes, I’ve sailed.  When I was young…er.  When I was younger, I went out with my friend’s family for a summer.  We sailed around the Virgin Islands. 

JENNY:  Well I want you to tell me all about it on our way to dinner.  (Jenny takes Brandon’s arm and walks him out of the kitchen.  She darts one last glance over her shoulder at the phone book.)



JENNY:  Well thanks for the luncheon advice.

BRANDON:  So, I guess if you’re going to the luncheon and looking into sailing lessons here, you must be planning on staying a little longer.

JENNY:  Oh, that’s what I wanted to tell you!  Rebecca’s mom is putting the house on the market but says I can stay until it sells.  So, I’ll be here a while.

BRANDON:  And here I was going to try to convince you to stay.

JENNY:  You’re such a tease!

BRANDON:  No, really , that was going to be the point of dinner.  It’s been a long time since I’ve sincerely laughed and enjoyed myself but in the past twenty four hours, I’ve well, I feel like I’m alive again.  I um, (His eyes look away.) I’ve really missed   (pause)  this…

Jenny stares at Brandon in shock.

BRANDON:  Well, say something, if nothing else, stop me before I make an ass out of myself.

JENNY:  Oh, no, no, I’m, I’m just, I’m,  I’m (She pinches herself.  She pinches herself again.)  Um could you.  (She offers him her arm.)

Brandon cautiously pinches her.

JENNY:  Harder.

Brandon pinches her again.

JENNY:  No, real hard!

BRANDON:  (seriously) So, you’re into that kinky, pain stuff?

JENNY:  No, ouch!  MMM, well, maybe.  Do it again.

He reaches over again to pinch her.

JENNY:  No, no, I’m just kidding.  (She blocks with the other hand grabbing his and just holds his hand.)

They stare at each other.

Jenny looks away, stares down at the table, and glances over at their hands still entangled and then looks up at Brandon.

JENNY:  I’m glad you’re glad I’m staying.



Jenny and Brandon hold hands as Brandon walks Jenny to the front door. 

JENNY:  Well, goodnight.

BRANDON:  (Brushes Jenny’s hair back and kisses her.)  Goodnight.

Jenny reaches into her purse and grabs her keys.  She turns to open the front door and drops the keys.

Brandon picks up the keys.

Jenny puts her hand out for the keys.

Brandon holds them up high in the air and when Jenny reaches for them again, Brandon kisses her.

Jenny responds by wrapping her arms around the back of his neck and kisses him back.

JENNY:  Umm, this feels right.

They hold the embrace longer and then break the embrace. 

Brandon gives Jenny the keys.

JENNY:  (She opens the door and looks back at Brandon and begins to shut the door.) Goodnight.

He lingers not breaking eye contact.

Jenny lingers not breaking eye contact.  Then, she slowly closes the door.





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