Kristina Furey

Entry VIII of "The List"


Brandon starts the car and backs out.  Jenny is fidgeting.

JENNY:  How did you know I was here?

BRANDON:  Bridget told me you were taking flying lessons.  So I called some of the airports and the secretary here told me, not only do you take lessons here but that you were here now.  I drove right over.  I thought you were taking sailing lessons?

JENNY:  I’ve been doing that too.

BRANDON:  So what’s going on?  I feel like you’re avoiding me and if that’s the case, I’ll turn around right now and drop you off at the airport and never bother you again.

JENNY:  No!  It’s not that.

BRANDON:  Well, what is it Jenny?

JENNY:  Have you read what they’ve been saying about me in the press?

BRANDON:  I thought you were past that!

JENNY:  It’s not right for me to come into your life and turn it upside down!

BRANDON:  My life (He pulls the car over and looks at Jenny.)  My life has been so sterile and monotonous and lonely since Vicky died.  I want someone to shake things up and turn my life upside down.  I don’t want to feel like I’m not allowed to go on living.  Many times I wondered if I could.  Then you show up with all this passion for life, saving turtles, singing in the shower and getting excited over something like the way clothes smell. 

JENNY:  (quietly)  I don’t want to hurt you.

BRANDON:  What!  And walking away is gonna, not hurt me?  You make me feel alive.  Good, bad, it’s better than numb.  Life is pain and suffering as much as it is falling in love and being loved.  You reminded me it’s about taking chances, being passionate and living in the moment.  If you feel about me the way I feel about you, then you’ll be hurting both of us if you walk away. 

JENNY:  I don’t want to hurt anymore!

BRANDON:  What do you want?

JENNY:  I want to feel alive.  I want you to feel alive.

BRANDON:  Then let’s take a chance, see what happens.

JENNY:  Well what do you want?

BRANDON:  What do all guys want?  (He stares intently at her.)

JENNY:  (Looks around)  You mean?

BRANDON:  Well, I know the Tattler has me having all sorts of relations with all sorts of types but the only one I’ve really been seeing on an intimate level lately is the cold shower.

JENNY:  Here?

BRANDON:  Now that would make an interesting cover story.  (He starts the car and pulls back onto the road.)

JENNY:  You know, those magazines are definitely lying when they paint you as the smooth player type.  You need some new seduction lines.

BRANDON:  What can I say, without my writers, I sound like every desperate guy that just wants to get laid.  Does this mean I’ve blown it?

JENNY:  Um, (She starts laughing)  Your choice of words? 

BRANDON:  You know what?  I’m gonna shut my mouth now and just drive you to my house.  That way, maybe you’ll be so impressed you’ve just got to have me, or you’ll pity me and throw me a bone.

Jenny smiles.



They pull up to a gateway.

BRANDON:  We’re here!



The foyer is huge and luxurious.  Brandon and Jenny come through the front door laughing.  Jenny stops in the door and just gawks.

BRANDON:  This, is my home.

JENNY:  Oh my gosh!  (She looks around and takes it all in.)

BRANDON:  So, are you so impressed you just have to have me?

Jenny just shakes her head yes and looks at him.  He kisses her and they start to make out.

BRANDON:  Let me show you my bedroom.  (He pulls her by the hand to his bedroom, quickly)

JENNY:  (Awestruck)  Nice place you got here.

They enter Brandon’s room.  He shuts the door and kisses Jenny, pressing her back against the door.  He gently smoothes her hair down as he kisses her.

Jenny’s hands start to travel up his neck and into his hair messing it up.

Brandon spins Jenny around, picks her up and lays her on the bed.  He gently unbuttons and removes her top and pauses to fold it and put it neatly down.

Jenny rips at the buttons on Brandon’s shirt, removes it and throws it.

Brandon pulls the comforter out from underneath Jenny and then gets under the comforter with Jenny.  They disappear under the comforter.  Brandon gently drops Jenny’s bra and panties to the floor.  Brandon’s pants, underwear and socks go flying across the room in different directions.

NAKED BLUE “WISH” song just the beginning plays.

The camera pans around the room.  When it gets back to the bed the room is dark.  Time has passed.  It is night. Jenny’s clothes are neatly stacked near the bed.  Brandon’s are all over the place.  His underwear hangs from a ceiling fan.

Brandon and Jenny are cuddled in the bed together, laughing.

JENNY:  Well, it’s just that I think you’d enjoy yourself a little more if you weren’t so concerned with the neat thing.

BRANDON:  I’m a happy man.  I could not have enjoyed myself more.  (He circles his finger gently over her lips.)  And you?

JENNY:  Fully satisfied.  (She gently bites his finger.) I still can’t believe I’m here with you.  Did you really mean what you said in the car?

BRANDON:  What, do you think I was just trying to get you into bed?  I was trying but I meant every word I said.

JENNY:  You’re just.  You’re so nice.  I don’t think anybody has ever said such nice things to me in my whole life.

They kiss.

BRANDON:   I ah, drove by the house the other day and I noticed the, for sale sign is up.

JENNY:  Yeah, the realtor’s been bringing people by.

BRANDON:  Well, I was thinking  (pause)  Well, what if you moved in here?

JENNY:  (She looks around.) Um, I, ah.

BRANDON:  Well just consider it a minute.  What are your plans after the house sells?

JENNY:  Well, it’s just, I need to take baby steps.  My head is already spinning from everything that’s gone on the past few weeks.  Can we just not talk about this right now?

BRANDON:  Okay, you want to see the rest of the house?



Jenny and Brandon enter through the back door.

BRANDON:  You know you could still pack a bag and come stay with me tonight, just a trial?

JENNY:  No, I told you, if I rush into this, I’ll panic, second guess myself and ruin what we have.

BRANDON:  Jenny?

JENNY:  Look, I don’t want to get hurt and I don’t want to hurt you.  I know myself and relationships.  I’ve had eight failed relationships in ten years. You know, you can still run now.

BRANDON:  Jenny?

JENNY:  I’ll close my eyes.  You make a run for it.

Jenny closes her eyes and Brandon kisses her.  Jenny opens one eye to peek.

BRANDON:  Jenny, I’m not going anywhere.  I don’t want to hurt you and you don’t want to hurt me.  You told me yourself, “This feels right.”  (He kisses her forehead.) Trust yourself, trust me, I love you.

JENNY:  You don’t understand.  (She pulls back.)  It’s not the intention.  It’s just this awful, terrible inevitable, it just happens, okay.  (She turns away.)

Brandon stares at her.

JENNY:  There’s a message.  (She heads over to the answering machine and presses a button.)

ANSWERING MACHINE:  You have one message.

OLIVIA:  Jenny, it’s Mom.  Dad’s had a heart attack.  We’re at Holy Cross.  I can’t have my cell phone on in the hospital.  I’ll call you when I can.


JENNY:  I’ve gotta go!

BRANDON:  I’ll go with you.

KATE BUSH’S song, “THIS WOMAN’S WORK,” starts from the second verse.

Brandon is still hugging Jenny.

Jenny tears up and buries her face in Brandon’s chest.


Jenny and Brandon are sitting together in first class.                                    


Jenny’s around five.  Joe is running alongside her while she rides her bike.  She is riding very wobbly.


There is evidence of a bike crash.  Jenny’s crying and the bike is down on the ground.  Joe is kissing her forehead.

 Joe helps her up. 


Jenny sits with Brandon holding her hand on the plane. 


Jenny is hugging Brandon in the hall of the hospital and then enters Joe’s room alone. 


He is asleep.

She kisses his forehead.

She walks out of the room crying.


She walks into Brandon’s arms.  He hugs her and she sobs.

The song ends.



Jenny and Brandon are sitting, talking quietly.  Olivia walks in.

OLIVIA:  He’s awake now.

JENNY:  How does he seem?

OLIVIA:  Quiet.  Tired.  He’s awake.

BRANDON:  Go ahead.  I’ll keep your mom company.

Jenny walks out.



Jenny walks in slowly.  Joe is awake and watches her come in.

JENNY:  Hi Dad.  (pause)  I left as soon as I heard and got here as soon as I could.  (She walks over to him.  Stands by him and touches his hand.)

The nurse walks in.

NURSE:  How’s he doing?

JENNY:  Hard to tell.

NURSE:  Mr. Matisse, would you like me to get you something you can write with?

Joe slightly nods his head yes.

NURSE:  I’ll be right back.

JENNY:  You know Dad, if you missed me, you could of just called.  All this just to get me to come home.  I’m honored but…

Joe smiles

The nurse returns with a clipboard, paper and pen.

JENNY:  (Reaching for the clipboard and pen.)  Thanks.

The nurse exits.

JENNY:  I’m gonna hold onto this a minute.  (She walks back over to Joe and kisses him on the head.)  I love you Dad.  I’ve learned a lot in the past month.  I used to think that we don’t get along because you’re angry and bitter and controlling. 

He starts to tear up and she wipes his eyes.

JENNY:  No, no Dad!  You see, (pause) I realized I’ve been angry and bitter and controlling.  (She rushes this sentence.)  You’ve had this vision of a perfect daughter, and we both realize, I don’t fit it.  (She pauses and slows down a bit.)  I failed to fit it because it meant not doing what feels natural to me.  Failing was my attempt at control.  I’ve gotten good at failing.  So good that I started to believe I was a failure and somehow, I believed that you were responsible for it.  (pause)  Is your head spinning yet?  Mine is.  (Jenny is on a roll now and goes to her speed talking.)  So to make a long story short, I started believing I was incapable of making anything work and the last thing I wanted to do was attempt what I wanted and fail.  (She slows her pace down a bit.)  But I know better now.  Now I have the courage to face my fear of failure.  Funniest part is I’m no longer afraid.  (She speeds up again.)  There is no failure in doing what you enjoy doing, even when you’re doing it badly.  And you know, when we do things over and over again. We get good at it whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing.  (She pauses and slowly closes.)  I don’t want to be good at being angry.  I want to be good at being myself, and accepting people I care about just the way they are.  Okay, I’ve rattled on enough and I know it must be killing you,   (whispered)  Bad choice of words.  (She hands him the writing stuff.)  Your turn. 

He writes, “I love you.”

JENNY:  I love you too. (She sits down next to him and holds his hand.)



Brandon and Olivia are quietly talking.  Jenny enters.

BRANDON:   (looking up)  How did it go?

JENNY:  Good, the nurse brought him something to write on.  He can’t talk with the tube in.  Mom, I’m going back tomorrow. 

Brandon and Olivia both look surprised.

OLIVIA:  But you just got here.

JENNY:  I know but I didn’t get the chance to tell you about all the things I’ve been doing.  I told Dad about them, one in particular and he wants me to go do it.

OLIVIA:  Well, What is it?

JENNY:  It was a song contest I entered.  I won.

BRANDON:  A song contest?

JENNY:  “Songs with a positive note.”  Their mission is to promote positive change through music and every other year they create a CD, consisting of only songs with a positive message and then they go into inner city schools and some other places to distribute the free CDs.  I was one of sixteen winners.  There’s a party the night after tomorrow to honor the sponsors and volunteers who put it all together and next week, I go into a recording studio to record my song for the CD.  (pause)  I don’t get any money or anything.  I just get the satisfaction of knowing my song is out there and it could, maybe, change somebody’s life.  I wasn’t going to say anything until I found out how Dad was.

OLIVIA:  Jenny,  (She hugs her)  I wish we could be there for you.

JENNY:  I just hate leaving Dad in this condition.  (Jenny tears up and closes her eyes.)

The camera tightens in on her eyes.



Camera pulls back from Jenny’s eyes to reveal scenery change to Restaurant/Bar.



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