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Introduction and beginning

"The List" is a screenplay I wrote between 2001 and 2003.  It was registered with the Writer's Guild and copyrighted in 2003.  I sent it and a one page summary out many times and did not hear anything back.  So I buried it in the chest my Great Grandmother left me when she passed.  People who read it before I buried it, have come back to tell me it is a lot like "The Bucket List" and all I can say is I wrote mine first.  It was a way for me to process some things I had witnessed and experienced in my life, such as the loss of well loved female student I went to high school with and a the loss of a male student I went to another high school with.  It was told to me by a friend, that the male student's best friend, had decided to live out himself, the plans the male student made before losing his life.  That was where the bases of my story came from.  Anyway, I dug it out and I have decided to post at least 10 pages a week from it, until all 118 pages have been posted. 

I was loving the idea of what Matt Damon and Ben Affleck did with "Good Will Hunting" and trying my own hand at something similar.  I did consider submitting to Project Greenlight  but I didn't believe my story was a good fit for that.  Like me it's more mainstream (cliche even) rather than niche indie feel.

If you like TV shows like "ONCE UPON A TIME" or "JANE THE VIRGIN" or the 90's show "ALLY MCBEALL" I think you will enjoy my story.  I originally wrote the lead Jenny with Marisa Tomei in mind and her love interest with Robert Downey Jr. in mind as I loved their chemistry in "ONLY YOU" and the movie!


So, here we go...  "The List"


Red carpet award show.

Close up on JULIETTE CARTER, a TV entertainment host.  The camera pans down to her bosom, as we see her pull two ice packs out of her dress and hand them off camera. 

CAMERA MAN:  And three, two, one, you're on!

JULIETTE:  This is Juliette Carter, live from the hot, red carpet.  Giving all you voyeurs your first unadulterated peek at this evening's award contenders. 

The CAMERA pulls back to reveal a TV set on in a bar restaurant.

OLIVIA and JOE MATISSE, a couple in their early sixties are seated at a table. 

Joe looks angry.

OLIVIA:  I didn't realize the award show is on tonight.

Joe looks at his watch. 

OLIVIA:  Maybe she had to work late.

Joe gives Olivia a look like how stupid do you think I am.

WAITER:   Can I get you another Pepsi sir?

Joe nods, yes.





JENNY MATISSE, an attractive thirty year old female is packing a few items from a receptionist's desk. 

Camera close up on a clay box turtle that looks like a kid made it,  It is on a stack of papers.  It is decorated with the Yin and Yang sign.

The guitar riff from the song, "WISH" by NAKED BLUE, is playing in the background.  It plays in a repetitive pattern.  From here on, this piece of music will be referred to as, "THEME MUSIC."

*AUTHORS NOTE it is suggested you download this song to get the full feel of what I'm going for.

Jenny picks up the turtle and turns it over.  On it's belly it reads, "Rebecca, 1986".  Jenny carefully puts it in her box, grabs her coat and purse and heads for the door. 

The employer stops her.

Theme music fades.

EMPLOYER:  Hey Jenny.  He rubs her arm in a smarmy way and growls out) Umm (in a low voice)

Jenny shrinks away from his touch.

EMPLOYER:  I hate to see you go.  (He raises his eyebrows.)  We could still change that.

Jenny closes her eyes for a second and shudders a sickened shudder, then shakes it off, literally, and walks out the door. 

EMPLOYER:  (calling behind her) I hate letting you go, you know, being that it's your birthday and all!



The theme music plays.

It's a cold March evening.

Jenny is walking down the sidewalk, sniffing and blinking as if she's trying to hold back tears.  She walks by a TV store.  There are TVs in the window.  They are playing some local news show.  The box Jenny is carrying breaks and everything falls to the ground.  Her hands come up to cover her eyes.  She bends down and grabs the turtle.  As she stands up, there is a picture of Rebecca Norton with her name written under it, on the TV in the window.  Jenny looks at Rebecca's name on the turtle's belly, and then back at the TV.  Rebecca's picture is gone.  Jenny blinks, puts the turtle in her pocket and walks on leaving the broken box and the rest of the stu



ff behind. 

The theme music gives way to the beginning of the "WISH" song, which stops before it reaches the first verse.

Jenny sees a church.

With each Amen and Alleluia, the camera tightens in more on the church. 



Jenny walks into the empty church and sees a beautiful stained glass window over the pulpit.

The third verse of "WISH" begins.

Jenny looks around the church.  She bows down and says a prayer.

The chorus of "WISH" begins.

Jenny stands back up, wipes tears from her eyes, looks at the stained glass window again and heads out. 

The chorus transitions back to theme music.



Jenny enters through the restaurant door.  She scans the room and waves across the restaurant, as she runs into an occupied chair. 

Theme music fades.

JENNY:  Oh, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

Jenny continues limping over to her parents, Olivia and Joe.  Jenny is calling and waving as she limps. 

JENNY:  Sorry I'm late.

OLIVIA:  (In a hushed tone to Joe.) Now be nice and don't say anything about her...

Olivia and Joe are talking at the same time.

OLIVIA:  Break up with Brad.

JOE:  So, what's new?  (This is his answer to Jenny's, "Sorry I'm late."  He gets up to hug his daughter.)

OLIVIA:  (Shooting a disagreeing look at Joe and getting up to hug Jenny.)  Happy birthday, Joe, our little girl is thirty.  (She ends the hug and holds Jenny's cheeks in her hands.)

JOE:  How's your job going?

JENNY:  (Her cheeks are still in her mother's hands.  Her face appears to be smushed.)  Ah, which one?

JOE:  (pleasantly surprised)  You have more than one?

Olivia lets go of Jenny's face and stares at her with concern.


JOE:  When?

OLIVIA:  What happened?

JENNY:  I don't know.



Jenny is at a receptionist desk with all of the phone lines lit up.

JENNY:  Hold please.  Howe and Howe, How may I help you?

The phones are constantly ringing. 

We hear the voice on the other end.  It is MR. HOWE SR.

MR. HOWE SR:  First you put me on hold for three minutes.  Then you put my call through to the wrong person and now you're asking, "How you can help me?"

JENNY:  I'm sorry sir, I just started yesterday and there's two hundred, something lines in this building and the phone directory, it seems, is not up to date and...

MR. HOWE SR:  I don't want to hear your excuses missy, put me through to Leonard Howe Jr., immediately!

JENNY:  Well screw you!  (Jenny slams the phone down.)



JENNY:  The lady who hired me just called me into her office and let me go.



Jenny is sitting in the office of the HUMAN RESOURCES MANGER.

HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER:  I'm sorry but I have to let you go.  It seems you told the owner of HOWE AND HOWE to screw off.  On behalf of everyone in this company who has wanted to tell Mr. Howe to screw off, I personally thank you.  However, on the behalf of MR. Howe Sr., I must say "You're fired." In about a minute, two security guards will come to escort you out of the building.  (In a whisper) You might want to grab your purse.



JENNY:  It just wasn't the right job for me.

Jenny takes off her coat and hangs it on the back of her chair along with her purse and sits down. 

JOE:  Well, maybe there is no right job for you.


JOE:  (Putting his hand up at Olivia, as if to say, "Back off") Sometimes, you have to stick with a job, just because it pays your bills.  I certainty didn't work at Kmart all those years, just because I liked the blue light specials. 

OLIVIA:  (Pointing to the TV) Isn't that Becky Norton?

Jenny looks at the TV, stares and nods her head, yes.

The camera pans to the TV, showing Rebecca on the red carpet being interviewed.  There is no sound on the TV.

OLIVIA:  (voice over) I almost didn't recognize her.  Her teeth look so perfect.

JOE:  (voice over)  How is ole Becky?  Jenny?

The camera pans back to the table. 

JOE:  I bet her parents are proud. 

JENNY:  I don't know.  We haven't talked in a few years.  She sure looks happy.  I would be if I were up for best writer award.  "Catherine the Great," is a great success. 

OLIVIA:  Well you know, Nelly moved about two years ago. 

JENNY:  I didn't know her mom moved.

OLIVIA:  To Arizona, I think...  I still can't believe the way Becky's dad just took off with that young girl.  Becky was only twelve and that girl...   Well, she couldn't have been much more than eighteen.  The skinny young thing didn't even have breasts yet. 

JOE:  Oh, but he bought her a nice set and I heard she liked to show em off too.  Just think honey, (to Olivia) If they had em on blue light, I'd ah gotten you pair. 

OLIVIA:  (shocked) Those breasts should have been Becky's child support!

JOE:  I'd say ole Becky's done okay.  (to Jenny) So you don't keep in touch?

JENNY:  Well, it looks like she's got a pretty busy life. 

OLIVIA:  That Alicia Hutton, she made such a great Catherine.  Oh and there's Brandon Deveraux, the one who lost his wife last year.  You know, I heard they were filming his death scene only a week after his wife was buried. 

The camera pulls back on the TV, we see Brandon Deveraux.

JENNY:  (voice over) That poor man, how awful!

OLIVIA:  (voice over) Yes, he's up for an award for the part of Alexander and the one who played Grigory Orlov was arrested for drugs and won't even be at the award show tonight.  I believe they're both up for the same award.

The camera pans back to the table.

JENNY:  How do you keep up with all of it?

JOE:  She knows more about their lives than ours.  

JENNY:  So mom, who's the woman with Brandon Deveraux?

OLIVIA:   (looking at the TV) I don't know but I'm sure we'll find out, Enquiring minds you know...

JOE:  (to Jenny) Where are you working now?

JENNY:  Well, actually I'm not.

JOE:  (raising his voice) How long have you been out of work?

JENNY:  What time is it? (she looks at her mother's watch)

JOE:  What happened this time?

JENNY:  I don't know...



Her EMPLOYER from P.B.I. is slapping Jenny on the butt.

EMPLOYER:  That's my girl!

This scene repeating various times, slightly different each time as Jenny wears different clothes in each repetition.



JENNY:  You know, maybe I could write something.  (To her mom.) Remember that book I started writing that time?  I heard the woman who wrote those Harry Potter books...

JOE:  What about health insurance and how are you going to pay your bills?

JENNY:  Well I still have the twenty-five grand Grandma left me.

JOE:  Oh sure, so you're just going to be a writer and what makes you think you'll be good at that?

OLIVIA:   (Trying to distract them)  Hey, there's Becky again!

JOE:  I bet her parents sleep well at night.  She's someone a parent can really be proud of...

JENNY:  Oh, and I'm not!  (Jenny picks up her purse and coat) You know what else I'm not?


JENNY:  Hungry!  (She then begins speaking on her way out the door and without pausing between sentences.) I'm sorry I dropped out of college.  I'm sorry, I'm not the great business person you are and I'm sorry, I lost a great guy like Brad!  Who, by the way, took his secretary to the Dave Mathews concert last night with the tickets he purchased as my birthday gift.  (She pauses to breathe but just a second.)  Happy birthday!  I can already see my thirties are going to be so much better than my twenties!



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